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Development of an innovative prototype of an autonomous railway vehicle for manoeuvring work on company marshalling yards and in danger areas

DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT no.POIR.01.01.02-00-0049/15
pt. Entitled Development of an innovative prototype of an autonomous railway vehicle for manoeuvring work on company marshalling yards and in danger areas submitted within Measure 1.1: R&D work by enterprises, Sub-measure 1.1.2: R&D work related to manufacturing a pilot/demonstration installation of the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

The project subject is development and construction of an innovative prototype of an autonomous railway vehicle for manoeuvring work on company marshalling yards and in danger areas. The market product developed as a result of this project will be a new generation shunter constituting a response to the needs of industrial customers.

The research and development work undertaken in performance of the project will enable development of a solution being a worldwide innovation and having unparalleled functionalities such as: motors with rotating permanent magnets, prism Li-Ion battery and instantaneous charging function, long energy storage time and its dynamic recovery, system enabling transverse passage without having to use railroad switches, and software algorithms optimising the railway vehicle operation. The project outcome will also be characterised by a number of solutions that have not been used on the Polish market so far: modular structure, innovative drive system, automated coupling of railway carriages, high precision of shunter movements.

W As a result of our work, the world market will receive an advanced solution having a great potential of commercialisation. The product will incorporate a number of improvements in comparison to standard systems currently available on the world market. The developed vehicle will in addition comply with the EC recommendations on environmental protection and state development strategy, according to which an efficient but also sustainable transport system is a condition needed to fully take advantage of the economic potential. This innovative product meeting the clients’ expectations will enable the Company to build a competitive edge in an industry dominated by international companies with consolidated market positions. The project results will improve innovativeness of the Polish economy and will enable a Polish company to attain the position of a pioneer on the world market.


By way of its performance method, the project will have a positive influence on implementation of the sustainable development policy. A change in the propulsion concept (battery propulsion instead of a combustion engine with a power generator) will decrease the consumption of materials (reduction of drive track weight from 7 000 kg to 1 200 kg) and energy (reduction of drive track steps from three to one causes a corresponding decrease in energy consumption by approx. 60%) during the production process, with a simultaneous increase in the propulsion efficiency.

The use of battery power for the vehicle enables reduction of its own emission to the zero level (100% reduction of emission), with the emission of current solutions (CO+NOx+HC+PM) being at 7.7 g/kWh. This means that the project performance will help develop a solution achieving both the present and the future emission standards.

The battery life being extended from 1 000 cycles to 3 000 cycles means that the product can be used longer and the use of lithium in the batteries will make them more environmental friendly in comparison to the currently used alternative batteries containing lead. In addition lithium-ion batteries are easier and safer to recycle than traditional batteries.

By consistent performance of its environmental policy, the Company ensures high quality products and services, actively protecting at the same time its employees and natural resources. Consequently, the safety at work and environmental standards are treated on a par with the manufacturing and quality standards. In view of that, because of its performance manner and final outcome, the project is deemed to fully reflects our sustainable development policy.

Project value: PLN 37 582 850
Subsidy value: PLN 15 033 140,00