The Company's offer is addressed to entities that operate in the iron and steel, metallurgic, coke, mining, cement and lime industries and sectors secondary to them, and covers:

  • construction of coke oven batteries,
  • production of steam generators, boilers generating steam and other vapours,
  • high-pressure piping systems and other boiler (steam generator) piping systems,
  • services of installation, repair and maintenance of motors and turbines, steam generators, general purpose machinery, machine and mechanical tools,
  • services of installation, repair, and maintenance of mining and construction equipment,
  • services of installation, repair, maintenance and rewinding electric motors, generators, and transformers,
  • construction works, including erection of steel structures.

Our employees hold construction licences, certificates of the Polish Electrical Engineers Association, including type “E” for work with energy equipment, and type “D” for supervision and operation of electrical and energy-related works; they are certified welders.